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Thursday, January 03, 2008 @ 10:24 pm

Dear Blogger,

Singapore was so windy and cold today that it felt like autumn. I don't remember our sunny island to be as cold as this. It's freaky weather I tell you. It was so cold, my lips had turned blue! I was a walking corpse!

This happened on my way to tuition living in the north. I wish I could say I would never take bus number 969 from Tampines Interchange to Woodlands again, but I can't. It takes the fastest route! Not that I've anything against the bus service. It's the passengers on it that always pisses me off!

What's so difficult about queuing up? Really! And what's so difficult about respecting the people who were IN the queue? You should have seen these people! Day in day out, they rush to the bus like it's the last bus.

I wouldn't mind standing in the bus for that half hour journey if everyone's gotten a fair chance. But I didn't! I was in the queue, yet I was pushed back by the non-queuers! And they got the seats! I am so going to feedback to SMRT-TIBS about this.

I was at the mall again browsing for men's watches. The ones that looked good were sadly beyond my budget. I seriously don't want to buy him something that I'm half-hearted about. Why can't he wear a tie or something? That's something that I could afford. At least a beautifully-designed tie won't look too out-of-place as an engagement gift. That's why I must get him something!

Oh wait! I've just thought of something. I wonder why I didn't think of this before. It's nice and intimate and it's certainly something that one would wear regularly. I definitely like it. So, I think that settles it then!

I had another culinary experiment today. I made my first "lontong goreng". I followed my gut instinct and thank God that the end product's edible! So who says I can't cook? It's just a matter of whether I want to or not!

My lontong goreng looks like a big gooey mess in the wok

I love cherry tomatoes. I love its "pop" feeling in my mouth

A healthy dessert to complement my fried dinner


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