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Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 11:57 pm

Dear Blogger,

I've gotten my birthday presents early this year. It started when my colleague gave me a box of chocolates. We share the same birthday, but I haven't given her a birthday present yet. I didn't expect her to give me one anyway.

Then in the evening, Ipy was late picking me up from tuition. Apparently, he was on a secret mission. Well, it wasn't exactly that mysterious. He was out shopping for my birthday gift! I didn't expect that either! I kind of figured that the Tiffany diamond ring he would be giving me tomorrow was enough already.

Early birthday present for Ipy's princess

It was well-wrapped, so I couldn't deduce what it was. It rattled though. I even thought I had broken whatever it was inside! I resisted tearing the wrapping paper off till we reached our dining place. We decided to try out Mad Jack at Simpang Bedok.

We ordered the Grilled Chicken with Orange Sauce and Mushroom Rice, and Grilled Rib-Eye with Black Pepper Sauce and Mashed Potato. What was an outright robbery was that they charged us $0.50 for a glass of tap water!

If the food was insanely great, then it would have been amusing. But the dishes that we tried were just average. I personally think that the western food served by Spize right across us were much, much better. Ipy liked the mushroom rice though. He did agree that the western food at the Banquet food courts were comparable.

Then again, I've never dined in an Australian-concept restaurant. So, it wouldn't be fair for me to compare Mad Jack with other western-based restaurants. I'm not aware of Australian cuisine. I've not been to Australia yet.

Grilled Chicken with Orange Sauce and Mushroom Rice, and Grilled Rib-Eye with Black Pepper Sauce and Mashed Potato

Anyway, back to my birthday present!

I carefully unwrapped the present. I like to salvage as much of the wrapping paper as possible when unwrapping presents. They're so beautiful, so it's sad to just rip them apart!

The wrapping had finally come off. Oh look! It's a big, red box!

It's a pearl necklace!

The pearl necklace in its big, red box. And the box matches my shirt!

Isn't it elegant? Hopefully, this one doesn't break apart (sorry Em!)

Ipy at Mad Jack (I think he's chewing on his chicken)

Oh wow! Diamonds AND pearls! What more can a girl ask for on her birthday??? I just hoped Ipy didn't spend too much on these pearls. Knowing him, I think he did. Why he didn't just get me a digital camera is still beyond me. Sometimes, his rationales can be something to be desired.


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