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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's the first post of the brand new year. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I've nothing exciting to tell. All I did today was eat, watch "House MD" marathon on AXN and made "getuk ubi". I thought of going to IKEA, but it was shelved till further notice. Then I thought of doing more grocery shopping, but the fridge was already full.

So, let's talk about my culinary adventure in the kitchen. "Getuk ubi" is tapioca something. I don't know what "getuk" means. I guess it's got something to do with mashing. It's a traditional Malay or Peranakan "kuih" that I think is best eaten with unsweetened hot tea.

I found the recipe at the most unlikely place ever! My student's Secondary 1 Home Economics textbook. All I could remember from my home economics class was baking rock cakes and frying French toasts. Now these girls have a chance to even make "bryani" in class!

So anyway, the whole process took only about 20 minutes, from boiling the tapioca to mashing it up to stirring the melted "gula melaka" (palm sugar) into the mixture. Mine didn't turn out orange like the ones that were being sold in the shops. They probably had colouring or used other types of sugar instead.

The end result didn't turn out too bad. I'm actually quite proud of myself! My previous tapioca endeavour didn't quite make it. So this was really cool. My dad was even eating it. Very promising indeed!

Getuk ubi served with grated coconut

A slice of the getuk ubi

Unlike neat-freak me, my mom had already messed up the kitchen even before sunrise. She had cooked up a storm. She had probably thought that her future children-in-laws would be coming over. What was on the menu? There was "lontong" with "sayur lodeh" and "sambal sotong", and "sup tulang" because my grandmother had given us some mutton.

So you see! There was no reason for me to be out in town with other bored Singaporeans. There was already good food and good TV at home! Now, all that's left is for me to burn all these calories.

On a very frustrating note, I've just found out that my mom wore my "baju kurung" which I've been keeping for a special occasion. I've only ever wore it once, with Din, many Aidilfitri ago. I've not worn it since. It's been hung in a clothes bag, only to be worn again if I ever do get engaged.

Now that my mom has worn it, I don't feel like ever wearing it again. It just won't feel special anymore. I don't plan to buy any other outfit. So, no engagement! Some people just have no respect for other people's things. Not even your own mother.


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