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Monday, January 21, 2008 @ 11:26 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy had a homemade buzz cut, or what is more locally known as the GI cut. What can I say? His head looked like a watermelon. I liked the feel of the cut though. I thought it was going to be bristly, but it was as soft as a Persian rug.

I suspected that he did it because I told him what a turn on I get when watching Keanu Reeves in "Speed". I believed almost any woman who had watched him in "Speed" got turned on. I could watch that movie over and over again, and still be turned on!

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in my favourite scene from Speed

Ipy with his new haircut

We had a very late dinner at Tang Tea House along Simpang Bedok. We have past that restaurant so many times, but it was only now that we've decided to give it a try. I think it was because the carpark at the market side was full, and we were lazy to walk there from the other, more spacious public carpark.

I don't know why we didn't give this restaurant a try sooner. From what we've ordered, we weren't disappointed. Being hungry also helped. I had fasted today you see. The menu was vast and comprehensive with very helpful pictures of the dishes. The food serving was just right and its presentation was comparable to a decent Chinese restaurant. More importantly, the service was swift and professional.

I ordered HK Stewed Beef Brisket Noodle (Dry), while Ipy ordered Wonton Noodle with Chicken (or something like that). He also ordered Fish Soup and Fried Scallops with Broccoli. I'm a broccoli freak now. I love the beef brisket. It was tender and didn't have that off-putting beef smell that some dishes have.

The empty dishes of our delightful meal (Note to self: Remember to take pictures BEFORE eating)

For desserts, we shared the house specialty, Mango Combo, which used real mangoes! It's topped with watermelon balls, strawberries, kiwis, nata de coco and sago

Earlier in the day, I had donated some books to the National Library. I have never given away any of my books to anyone before, even though some of the books were a bore to read. Most of the time, sentimental value was the reason I was hesitant to throw or give away any of my things.

But this time round, all I wanted to do was to get rid of the clutter in my room. For every item I throw or give away, I felt as if a little bit more space and sanity has been created in my life. Since I couldn't bear to throw away my books, better that I donate them so that others could enjoy reading what I couldn't!


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