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Monday, January 07, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

Dear Blogger,

I'm feeling a little brain dead and overly sleepy. It was most probably all that carbohydrates I've been swallowing today. One minute, it was the pumpkin cake from Old Chang Kee. The next minute, it was the new Shrimp Paste Fuillette from Delifrance. I think it's a hormonal thing. I wouldn't be stuffing myself with this much carbohydrates if it was any other day.

I made this pink woolen beanie with mohair yarn in just under 4 hours. I'm crocheting a pink cushion cover with the leftover yarn. It's going to be very huggable for sure!

Pink quartz bracelet from Em's Beading & Beyond

I took these shots in bed out of both boredom and laziness. The weather couldn't make up its mind on whether to be sunny or rainy. It's confusion made me awfully lazy to do anything, except to lie in bed.

It has just occurred to me that I'll turn 28 years old in about 20 days! Not only that, I'll finally be able to open the Tiffany ring box! I just love opening presents in gift boxes! If only there'll be a big bouquet of roses or lilies or orchids too... (hint hint hint!) Or a giant custom-made teddy bear in a wedding gown... (Build-A-Bear anyone?)

The Wedding Couple Bears from Character Bears


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