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Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 11:30 pm

Dear Blogger,

I was still thinking about the conversation between Ipy and my mother yesterday afternoon. Of course all this had happened when I wasn't physically present.

Ipy was puzzled why my parents refused to bring up the wedding when I was around. They only asked him about it when I was in the toilet or in my room or anywhere else but beside him. He even said that they were in the middle of a conversation when my parents immediately clammed up when they heard my footsteps approaching!

I don't know if my parents were practising some Malay superstition or what, but for a more contemporary reason, that didn't surprise me at all. As I've said before, my parents and I are from two very different school of thoughts. We get along fine without the need to talk to one another.

My mother thinks that the reasons I don't divulge certain information about myself are because I don't care and that I want to distance myself from the family. They are partially true. Yes, at times, I want to leave but it doesn't mean I'll forget my family! And it's not that I don't care. It's because I care so much that I choose not to share with them! I believe, with my parents, ignorance is bliss.

My mother has too much to worry about already, what with my father being sick and all. She does not need to be additionally burdened with this wedding nonsense. She thinks I'm unaware or purposely ignoring the fact that there's this big black financial cloud threatening to flood over our heads every day. I do know! She just can't understand that it's not that I don't want to help. I just can't!

I know all these boil down to just a communication breakdown, but every time I want to open up, she shoots me down like a game bird. We just can't communicate like normal people. I've accepted that fact a long time ago. So why don't they?

On another note, our path to our dream house was almost interrupted because one of the owners did not turn up for the first agreement signing at HDB Hub this morning. Apparently, she's in the middle of divorcing her husband, another owner (the house had 4 owners!). So the house has now become a property dispute in a divorce settlement.

We will still get the house. Everyone had signed the legally binding "Option to Purchase" document in November last year. So if she delayed this affair any further or worse, back out on the deal, she'd have to pay a monetary penalty. I don't know how much though.

Was I upset about it? A little. I was more curious on why a grandmother of 3 young children would want to go through a divorce now. Didn't she realise that in her quest for freedom (or whatever her reason was), she's taking away her grandchildren's home?

I've never been personally exposed to divorces. So I find them intriguing at times. I know they can be messy too. But aren't finding out about the messy, scandalised ones make our coffee and tea worth drinking every day? Do we live mundane lives or what???

Ipy and I discussing (and gossiping) the day's event over cool glasses of sugarcane juice at East Coast Park

Back to weddings again. I've been receiving recommendations of bridal houses and their specialties since yesterday, and they help I guess. My most common disappointment with the local Malay bridal houses here is their collection of outfits. They are either too traditional or too contemporary. If I like one set, I can't bring myself to compromise on the other.

My ideal European bridal gowns

My ideal traditional bridal outfits (yes, I do have a thing for long coats)

The perfect dress!

I wouldn't do all these if Ipy wasn't around. Believe it or not, he knows about this stuff more than I do! He's a very active wedding event participant (i.e., he attends as many wedding invites as possible), so he has accumulated decades worth of wedding dos, don'ts and what nots. Besides, he's the one signing the all the cheques! Furthermore, he had promised me to be very active in the wedding preparation, or I wouldn't do it at all.

I'm the wedding-hater remember?


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