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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 @ 6:21 pm

Dear Blogger,

I was disappointed about being rejected into the programme that I wanted. But I figured, if the administrators couldn't see my potential, and they would rather waste their sponsorship on some other less committed candidates, then its their loss. It's the healthcare industry's loss.

Fortunately, I do have an alternative plan. Since I like what I'm doing now, I'll just do more of it! I don't think I will ever join the official workforce. I can do without the bonuses and the perks. I can definitely do without the politics and the bureaucratic (and corrupted) system.

I took some pictures of myself this morning, just for Ipy. His return has been delayed, so you know how frustrating that had been for me. I think it has been frustrating for both of us. I've said this time and time again. I don't mind him going off to work. But make sure what he needs to be done has been done and what he needs to do will be done as planned.

I have to say, that for a leading global company in the industry, its operations are as messed up as an 8-year-old's homework. I've always said that the company needs a dose of female's efficiency in its mostly testosterone-based environment.

That said, he became mushy and stuff during our webcam chat this afternoon. All I did was being naughty with him. So the mushiness wasn't the response I had expected. He said something about what a fool my ex was for not holding on to me. I seriously don't know how that came about. The way I saw it, if he had really held on to me, I wouldn't be with Ipy today! One man's loss is another man's gain eh?

I went to a Malay wedding fair at the Singapore Expo last Sunday. It was a last minute thing. I happened to chance upon it when I surfed Singapore Expo's website. So, my mother, my brother and his fiancee, and I made our there, 3 hours before it was supposed to end.

It was typical Malay wedding stuff. I totally ignored the catering and wedding decorations vendors. I don't need those. I was just there for the photography. Man! These vendors must have thought I was an idiot! Because they treated me like one.

Unfortunately for them, I was in no mood for any promotional gimmick bullshit. Somehow, I knew from the back of my mind, how much I should be quoted for what I wanted. These business people... always trying to make a quick buck from the confused (but gushing) bride.

Then, I came upon this display. I just stood there for the longest time possible. I was thinking if I could carry it off as well as the mannequin. It wasn't my colour, but I liked the way it flowed. I don't have the slim build either but I do have more curves than this plastic production. It was almost perfect! I think it was just the veil that caught me.

Wouldn't this be perfect for solemnisation? If only it was in cream and gold. White just seems too... virginal. I can't carry off whites even if I'm really a virgin!


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