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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 @ 12:25 pm

Dear Blogger,

I had an interview today, for the programme I wanted to take up. The organisation wasn't my first choice, but I accepted to be interviewed, hoping to keep an open mind. I love occasions like these because I get to wear a suit. There's something about how a suit empowers a person. I felt like I could do anything in a suit.

Super moddie in her superwoman suit

So you could imagine the amount of time and care I had prepped myself up aesthetically, and psychologically. And you could imagine the let down I had felt when the interview lasted only 10 minutes.

I was aware that the panel of interviewers would be spending the whole day asking standards questions to shortlisted candidates. I could understand how draining that would be. But 10 minutes? It took me an hour on the train to get to the venue!

Nevertheless, I shan't be rude. I'll still send them a self-made thank you card for their time and opportunity. Even if I didn't blow their mind during the interview, at least they'd know that I hadn't been ungrateful. If only I can afford to do a bit of shopping now...


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