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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

Dear Blogger,

I feel exhausted again, but it wasn't surprising. I had to go to work today to cover for a colleague who's out of town for a few days. Imagine 6 hours of work with nothing to do. Even my imagination has lost its steam halfway through!

I had a pleasant chat with a retiree, whom I suspect was a high-flier before she gracefully retired. She didn't buy anything, but we had quite a conversation. She must have been quite a communicator because somehow, she had managed to bring up my wedding as the main topic!

What really made my day was when she said that I'd make a radiant bride. No one has said that to me, till now. I couldn't believe it that because of what she said, now, I'm a little thrilled about the wedding! Who would have thought???

And that wasn't all. She said I was a sensible person and Ipy was a lucky man to have found me. I don't know this person, and she could be lying through her teeth for all I care. But she made everything around me seemed much, much brighter.

After work, I went shopping for some of the items in my shopping list. I wanted to get some more yarns at Spotlight. Since I had plenty of time till my tuition in the evening, I decided to walk along Orchard Road. My legs brought me into Paragon, and that's where I caught this!

Djimon Hounsou in the new Calvin Klein Steel ad. He's that cool guy from "Gladiator", "Constantine" and "Blood Diamond", which by the way, is an awesome movie!

You know how much I've a thing for CK boxers and trunks. They're not exactly cheap (they're Calvin Kline after all), but they're sure damn good to touch and look at! If only the men I've dated have solid abs like these famous Calvin Klein underwear models.

Swedish Arsenal footballer (is he still?) Fredrik Ljungberg in CK

Mark Walhberg (back then, he was Marky Mark) with Kate Moss in an early 90s CK underwear ad


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