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Saturday, January 05, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

Dear Blogger,

First, the sad news. Britney Spears has lost custody of her two sons. I know that's not surprising to the people who has been lapping up all that tabloid news about her for this past year or so. Nevertheless, it's still sad you know.

Even if she seemed like an irresponsible mom through the eyes of the tabloids, I think she really loves her kids. She wouldn't have gone this far if she doesn't love them to bits rights? I mean, the girl locked herself up with her younger son in her room for 3 hours and the police had to break the door open!

I could understand her mental breakdown. It was inevitable! I was a psycho ex-girlfriend before. I've had suicidal moments. I've had psychiatric "consultations". But Britney does it the Hollywood way. Why resort to the common folks' antics when you're a mega star and earn publicity revenues at the same time right?

I don't adore or hate Britney Spears. Her music is groovy but so-so. She's not a great singer but she's a marketing and entertainment genius. I'm not in the Kevin Federline camp either. Both of them could do better as parents. The guy left his pregnant ex-girlfriend for Britney! What does that say about him???

Still, I wish the best for Britney Spears. I hope she gets her kids back and she and K-Fed can reach a truce somehow, for the sake of Sean Preston and Jayden James at least. Divorce is often always messy. Divorce with kids in tow is ALWAYS messier!

Now, the good news. There aren't any good news. Ipy called me his "melody to his music". That was so corny! But as delightful as a brand new Swatch watch or Aldo stilettoes (hint hint)! I couldn't stop smiling the whole day thinking about it. I wonder if I'll still be his "melody" a year after we're married...

Shoes from Aldo (Aren't they just desirable or what???)


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