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Friday, January 04, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

Dear Blogger,

As I've mentioned before, yesterday was an unusually cold day in Singapore. It was so cold that I've a hard time waking up this morning! Somehow, the cold weather makes me want to hibernate. After all, in the wise words of the Bloodhound Gang, "you and me baby are nothing but mammals".

It was just probably me, because I had to tuck under several blankets before I could reach the right temperature for sleeping. And what a sleep that was! Any sleep that has me dreaming of Brad Pitt is always a good sleep. Can't remember what the dream was about though.

Work was very quiet today. At first I thought people were lethargic from all that Christmas spending. What with the Chinese New Year coming soon and all, people are a little apprehensive about spending unwisely. I'd feel extremely drained too if I had to buy Christmas presents and give away "hong baos" a month later!

Then, I kept hearing about recession from both the news and the common folks. I thought that was a natural progression after the economic high in the recent years. As the saying goes, "What comes up must come down" right? I hope this anticipated recession won't be a really bad one though. I really don't want to read or hear any retrenchment news.

I had a brief discussion with one of my student's father after tuition earlier on. He wanted to know her progression. For God's sake! It has only been the 3rd day of school! Anyway, I could understand his concern. The girl will be sitting for her first major exam in her life: the PSLE.

Unfortunately, his actions to address that concern were much to my dismay. First and foremost, he doesn't even have faith in his own daughter. Without faith, it's a little unreasonable to expect miracles, don't you think?

Secondly, the girl being the middle child and coming from an Indian Muslim family, he's not giving her the right encouragement. Most parents don't realise that it's never the number of enrichment classes or supplementary exercises one makes the child go through.

It's the quality of upbringing the child experiences at home. You fill your home with a positive environment, and your child will blossom like the beautiful flower that he or she is. No matter what rascals these children can be sometimes.

But, that's what makes tutoring so fulfilling for me now! It's not just helping these kids with their academics. It's also about helping them develop their potential as a person. And not just that! I'm helping some of their parents too! It's service like this that makes earning the wages so worth it.


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