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Wednesday, January 02, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

Dear Blogger,

All I wanted to do was to just pick up a book from the library and sent my shoes to the cobbler to be re-heeled. I ended going home with a new pair of shoes, a big tote bag and mascara. I would have bought blouses too, but I summoned all my will-power to drag myself out of the mall.

But you know what? I'm happy! I'm happy with my purchases. They didn't cost a bomb, so I'm very happy. This is what retail therapy is about! As your card is being swiped, you can feel the endorphines being released. And then you break out into a satisfying smile.

I met an old secondary school mate on the way home. Actually, he bumped into me. If it was any other time and space, sparks could have flown. But sparks didn't fly, and I remembered why. I wasn't into him at all. Anyway, he recognised me instantly, while I was trying to recall his name. I'm seriously bad with names, especially ethnic names.

I always find it amusing when the first thing old mates ask is of my marital status. Single or married? If single, I'm automatically assumed to be available too. If married, I'm automatically assumed to have kids already. Next favourite question is of my occupation. Rarely has people assumed that I've not joined the labour market yet.

I read my horoscope this morning from my favourite astrologer, Susan Miller. Oh my my my! I'm both surprised and... not surprised! Some excerpts of my horoscope for January 2008:

" you get closer to your birthday you are aching to start something new." (Damn right!)

You want a fresh chapter to start soon, but to make this desire materialize, you will have to do a little preparation first." (Gee... I wonder what that is...)

" may hear good news about money either immediately or within a few days." (I hope so!)

You may get engaged or married at this time, or simply make big, bright plans for the future." (I swear I didn't write this!)

January - and through much of 2008 - will find you in a pensive mood. You seem to need more time off by yourself to reflect on your future without the distraction of friends and family." (Sounds pleasant)


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