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Monday, January 28, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

Dear Blogger,

All I asked for was a simple affair between his immediate family and my immediate family. Was that too much to ask??? I thought, for once, my mother would do what I asked for. But guess what? She had to ruin my special day by inviting my grandmother, my aunt and uncle to this exclusive event of ours!

If I had wanted to make this like a traditional engagement thing, I would go all out for it. But I didn't! I wanted it SIMPLE!!! Ipy's coming over only with THE ring, and nothing else. So you could imagine the confusion my mother's covert operation had caused to his family when my extended family turned up.

We could have just had coffee and a birthday cake (Ipy's father had ordered a birthday cake for me), but no! My mom had to have a feast! She just had to! Why? I don't know! Who could understand that woman???

The birthday cake my future father-in-law had ordered for me. Simple and fuss-free. Just the way I liked it!

Why did she do this to me when I've already explicitly told her how I wanted it to be? And she had even acknowledged understanding! Why? Why? Why? I've asked myself that question the whole night, and my only conclusion was that she was doing it purposely to hurt me.

Did she not realise the effects of her actions? She has not only opened a new can of worms within THIS family, she has also exposed Ipy's family to awkwardness! I won't be surprised if the gossips about this engagement has reached relatives' ears as far as Tuas by now.

Especially since I refused to follow protocol by not hiding in my room, and that Ipy had brought only the ring. No trays of gifts. None of that nonsense. I had even refused to put on the ring when his sister had offered it to me! I had practically growled at her when I said I didn't want it. I wanted Ipy to give it to me, and no one else!

I was too upset for propriety

I didn't even bother to hide my displeasure. I was very upset and I was very sure everyone knew it! If some of them were oblivious to my coldness, they'd know it when the winds of gossips reached their ears.

One of the kueh (don't know what's the name) that my grandmother had brought

My sister was very sweet. She ordered a birthday cum engagement cake for me at her own expense. It must have cost quite a lot for her because the cake was from "Angie's The Choice". They make really good cakes. It was very chocolaty but very yummy. I was told that the huge slice I packed for Ipy was ravaged by his nieces and nephew. So it meant that it was really good.

The cake my sister had ordered

I was trying my best to put on a smile

I was resisting the temptation to stab the cake

Finally got this pose right!

Ipy, always the poser

This was me, all radiant and excited, before my mother surprised me with her insensitivities

Incandescent with the pearls Ipy had given me for my birthday

Earlier in the day, I spent the whole afternoon embroidering monograms on a handkerchief for Ipy. The letterings turned out fine. Unfortunately, the flowered heart didn't show up very well. But I think I did OK with it, considering I did it freehand. By the way, it wasn't a cheap handkerchief.

The hand embroidered monogram handkerchief for Ipy (I've forgotten to spray my perfume on it)

I didn't want to give it to him in the presence of our families. So I gave it to him, with the CK limited edition Steel underwear afterwards. We went to Mount Faber Park. This was where it all started last year. We haven't come up here ever since that first time. I don't know if it was meant to be significant.

The gorgeous packaging from CK. I love the way the ribbon was tied!

Introducing the low rise trunk, a new sexy, masculine silhouette. Sophisticated, premium, ultra luxe microfiber fabrication - exclusive fabrication to Calvin Klein Underwear. Pouch front. Steel waistband with bold black logo on all color-ways. Imported. 87% Tactel® nylon, 13% spandex.

I had given him a pair, one in "tiger rose" colour and another in an exclusive tan colour. He said that they were super comfortable, and he felt aroused when the fabric touched his skin. His only disappointment was that the "Calvin Klein" was in the front, not at the back. So he can't show it off from the back. To show it off from the front, he had to have abs like the model above.

Ipy finally presented me with the ring by going down on one knee. If I knew he was going to do that, I would have dressed more appropriately instead of bedroom shorts and t-shirt. And I shouldn't have laughed out of embarrassment. Another couple was looking at our antics you see.

Gosh the ring felt heavy! But it sure looked good! Even in the middle of the night with limited lighting, you could see the brilliance of the ring. At that moment, I felt like, to quote Jack Dawson from "Titanic", "I'm on top of the world!"

The Tiffany platinum Lucida ring, still in its heavy, velvet box

I only put on the ring because my sister wanted to take a photo of me with the ring

Ipy and I discussed the night's events. He was always positive about things, whereas I, was the realist. I don't want to use the word "pessimist" because it wasn't exactly correct. I seriously don't know how we're going to manage the wedding with surprises like these.

I pity Ipy. I've gotten him involved in this family madness and he's not even my husband yet! I won't be surprised if he decided to quit on me. I won't blame him even.


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