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Thursday, January 24, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

Dear Blogger,

After making several appointments yesterday, we made our way back to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre again to check out the bridal boutiques. I would have preferred the more chic boutiques at the Arab Street district, but I shouldn't be so snobbish.

Our day started as early at 11 a.m. (I started my day at 6 a.m.!), so imagine what a full day's worth of information can do to your brain! We were supposed to check out four boutiques, but we passed the one near Arab Street because it was almost 3 p.m. by the time we finished at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. And we hadn't lunch yet!

We checked out "Wonderful World of Weddings", "D'glamz Wedding" and "Reenz Bridal". There must be some retail pattern happening, because for each boutique we went to, the package price quoted became higher. Once again, why must these businesses function only by appointments??? As soon as we ended out appointment, the shop's closed again. Geez!

Anyway, I'm trying to be positive here, so I shall say that each boutique has its own winning factor. It's difficult to compare based on prices alone, because it's like comparing Sunkist, Jaffa and some other orange producers!

If one had offered a reasonably good price, then its range of bridal outfits would have been disappointing. If one had offered stellar performance over the years, then the price for his services would have been debatable. One had even quoted $900 for a few hours' worth of pre-wedding outdoor photography shoot! I may be a virgin in all this wedding bullshit, but even I know that was ridiculous!

There was none that pleased us (or me, it's always about the bride isn't it?) at least on 80% satisfaction level. However, if we had to decide among the three, "D'glamz Wedding" scored higher on our approval ratings. It was relatively new but its crew of artists were proven professionals. Ipy liked their photos and styling. We thought they were refreshing and the price quoted for a super-specialised wedding like ours was reasonable.

I wasn't crazy about their bridal collection though. The bridal outfits were a little too contemporary for my taste. Too designer boudoir-inspired I think. I'm seriously not crazy about all those French lace and beads and sparklers. They were too ornate for me. What happened to simple, conventional wedding dresses and gowns??? What happened to glorious, royal traditional wedding outfits???

But that, I think I could compromise. I'm so hard to please aren't I? The way I see it, if Ipy's going to spend all that money on a wedding, I had better looked and feel like a crown princess than a clown. I just want a simple affair, and here I was being given a mardi gras!

We finally had our lunch at Bugis Junction. I wanted fish and chips at Billy Bombers, but it was no longer there. So we settled for Hip Diner by Billy Bombers. We ordered the Triple Combo Supreme with chicken and fish, the Taco House Salad with seafood and clam chowder.

Taco House Salad with seafood

The clam chowder with the salad

Our main course, the Triple Combo Supreme with chicken and dory fish (the BBQ sauce on the chicken leg was lip-smacking good!)

Ipy looking stressed out with all that information earlier

Poor Ipy. Not only was he thrown with so much information to last a week (in his standards anyway), he had to clarify with my mom about this coming Monday's faux engagement meeting. I said faux because it isn't really an engagement party. It's just going to be an exclusive meeting between my parents and his parents to make this union official till the actual big day.

I've already told my mom before not to make a fuss out of it. She didn't even have to invite anybody else! She wouldn't believe me till she heard it from Ipy himself!

My mother and I communicate in completely different languages. She speaks in "why-am-I-not-like-a-typical-Malay-girl" language while I speak in "why-can't-she-accept-that-I'm-not-a-typical-Malay-girl" language. Even Ipy is shocked at this great divide! But still he's crazy about me.


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