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Tuesday, December 25, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

Dear Blogger,

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. Like why do I eat when I feel guilty, and feel guilty when I eat? Why do I dislike visiting relatives in hospital? Why do I push people away? Why do I care what everyone thinks? Why do I think so much?

Ipy was worried that I still have unanswered questions. Questions about us most probably. I think he was worried that these questions might cloud our possibilities for a successful couplehood. What he failed to realise was that these questions and all those other questions that I am fond of asking, are what make me more human. They develop my soul.

I've warned him last night that I needed to be alone. Not because I was angry nor disappointed, not even frustrated with him. I was all that with myself. My inability to be reasonable with his irregular work requirements has been a regular perpetrator of my emotional instability. I can't be battling with myself every time he doesn't return home when he said he would.


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