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Sunday, December 02, 2007 @ 9:27 pm

Dear Blogger,

So many things happening and happened. So many things to do and did. So much fun had and still having. All these activities can be very exhausting, but you know what? I enjoyed every minute doing them with Ipy!

Ipy at the National Library

Ipy and the city skyline via the National Library

Just us kids loving ourselves on camera at the National Library

View of the Hotel Inter-Continental from The Retreat garden at the National Library

I'm glad he didn't run off to sea so soon this time. I can sleep easier now knowing that we'd really have the wedding we both want and a palace we can call our own. Now I can move on to re-achieving my personal goals.

Murals on the walls of the railway station at Tanjong Pagar

Ipy posing for his faux holiday pictures at the railway station

Ipy trying to get a decent shot of the Christmas lights along Stamford Road

Last night, we attended a wedding dinner at The Regent hotel. Boy! Indian weddings can sure last for weeks! I had nothing fanciful to wear. Didn't even have a gown to match the occasion! Even if I had, I wouldn't want to lug it around to work.

Ipy at The Regent hotel lobby during the pre-dinner cocktails

Me at The Regent hotel lobby

I would love to prance around in those glorious saris most of the guests had worn last night. I don't have anything remotely Indian in my wardrobe because I have never fancied all the "blings" that Indians seem to be fond of. But, I am curious to how I'd look in a sari.

It was a night of good food and free-flow drinks. Well... almost free-flow drinks. The beer had ran out before the last course. After 2 glasses of red wine, 2 glasses of white wine, a glass of beer and a glass of whisky coke, you can imagine how "happy" I was.

Our dinner table conveniently located near the major exits

I couldn't believe Ipy dragged me to the dance floor for the slow dance. It was our first ever slow dance, and we sucked! The dance floor after all that drinking didn't seem too intimidating at the end of the night. Although, I wouldn't hesitate to erase the memory of Ipy dancing to the "dangdut". Hilarious seemed such an understatement.

We just can't resist taking photos of ourselves!


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