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Thursday, December 20, 2007 @ 8:15 pm

Dear Blogger,

My alarm clock rang early before sunrise as usual. As usual, I got up only to shut it off, then continue my slumber. But today, I decided to laze on the sofa in the living room, so that the "takbir" on the radio could seep through my subconsciousness.

It was Aidiladha once again. It's less festive than Aidilfitri but has more religious significance. I don't know why people here don't celebrate it as much as they do on Aidilfitri. I guess, perhaps because of its religious significance, different people choose to celebrate it in different ways. Some gather with family and friends. Some reflect in quiet. As for me, it has always been a time when God "speaks" to me the most.

I watched "Revealed: The Hajj" on Discovery Channel in the morning. Although I've watched similar documentaries so many times already, this one left me in awe. More than dealt with a pilgrim's experience, it focused on the science and technology put into place to ensure a smooth Hajj pilgrimage for the millions of Muslims.

When I went for an "umrah" many, many years ago, I knew that God was watching my every move. But I didn't know that the Saudi military was watching me too via Big Brother cameras! Then again, these boys had other bigger issues to worry about than watching me pick my teeth in public.

When watching the documentary, it sorted of sealed my intention to go on the Hajj. Hopefully before I turn 40! I recalled the self-declaration I made on my birthday this year; If I don't get married by the time I'm 30, I'll go on the Hajj! Hmmm... Perhaps God thought that I won't be ready at 30, so He led me to Ipy first.

Well... here's to the safe return of the pilgrims!


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