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Monday, December 31, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's the last day of 2007. As you can see here, my blog*spot has undergone a makeover. I've been "white" for a while now, thinking that what I needed this year was a dose of minimalism after years of experimental living. I'm tired of that now.

"Pink" is young, pretty (Pretty in Pink anyone?), sweet and innocent fun! It's also the colour of "girls" and "women" as represented by the Pink ribbon campaigns (breast cancer) and some other women organisations that I can't seem to recall right now.

Today would have been a good day to reflect on the happenings of 2007. But I thought, why bother since I reflect pretty frequently in my blogs anyway. Besides, I don't remember much of this year. That's not surprising considering that I started the year in tears. How apt then that I'm ending the year in tears.

So why dwell on the past when there's a future full of wonderful opportunities awaiting me? 2008 will be a special year for me. First and foremost, I'll be celebrating my 28th birthday on the 28th of January (I know Ipy's reading things. He often does. Sometimes, I think this is the only effective way I can get my messages across to him).

Secondly, 8th August 2008 ("888" is a lucky number to the Chinese) is a super hot date! Don't bother booking anything on that day. Almost everything, from weddings to dinners are happening on that day. I know. I've tried.

And of course, there is the much-anticipated wedding of yours truly. But I won't go there yet. There are other more important and more fun things to do than a wedding.

So goodbye 2007. Hello 2008!


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