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Friday, December 21, 2007 @ 7:01 pm

Dear Blogger,

I really tried to be positive today. I really did! But boredom got the better of me. You know how I am when I get bored. I'll start thinking to the depth of the earth and then I'll depress myself silly. I thought I could awaken Ipy from his slumber, but then I remembered; He's in India.

I have never thought that I could ever be monogamously faithful to anyone. It's something that I have always warned Ipy about. I know I'm scaring him unnecessarily, but if I don't even believe that I could be monogamous, why should he, right? I mean, it's only fair that he's aware of my flaws.

I think Ipy doesn't have anything to worry about. Guys aren't exactly clamouring for my number now. They seem to know that I've a boyfriend, and they avoid me like some plague. It's sad really. I feel so... undesirable. It's as if being in a relationship wipes out all the desirable factors I had in me!

I guess what keeps me feeling alive is the feeling or even the notion of being wanted and yearned for. It's the thrill of the chase and the witty repartee between two potential, forbidden lust of a man and a woman. Obviously, I've not been getting any of that for quite a while. Even sex seems like *gasp* routine now.


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