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Monday, December 24, 2007 @ 3:06 pm

Dear Blogger,

I must have been crazy to go shopping today. It's Christmas eve! Every mall was swarmed with shoppers and browsers! Yet, I braved the crowds just to clear my to-do list. I had memberships to apply and renew. I had assessment books to buy for my students. And I just had to buy some groceries today!

Then, my boss wanted me to head down to Orchard Road so that she could give me her Christmas gift. I may have foolishly endured the sea of people at the two malls in Tampines. But if she had thought that I was going to head down to the depths of human hell that would be Orchard Road today, she must be bonkers. I'm not THAT crazy!

She could give it to me on those days when I'm at work. Or she could just forget about it. I'm not too bothered about it. I'm not being ungrateful here. Some people have to realise that my life does not revolve around this work. Life should not even revolve around work of whatever nature!

Finally, on a day when I had actually chose to not think of him, Ipy decided to remind me of his presence. What? He didn't call me the night before, and he made it up by leaving me an SMS? And only after reading my blogs? Was that guilty-conscience or truly coincidence?

You know, we're not even married yet, and already I feel like nobody wants to know me for who I am but what I am. And what I am now is Ipy's girlfriend. I can't change people nor the situation nor the world for that matter! No matter how hard I try!

All I can change is myself. So I grin and bear it and just do what pleases me. Even if that means distancing myself from him every now and then.


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