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Saturday, December 15, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

Dear Blogger,

I have never regretted turning down all invitations to any functions, and that is for a good reason. If I had attended any of these functions, I'd cause more damage than good. I'm a social-etiquette moron. But I'm learning! That's why I'm here at this religious feast hosted by one of my students.

Boy! Did I regret it big time! I guess being an Indian Muslim, they're really big on feasting. And as a Malay Muslim who doesn't even believe in unnecessary feasting, it was quite a culture shock. To add to the discomfort, it was religious-based. I knew what was expected, but my expectation was slightly off. I was like a fish riding a bicycle.

I guess I should take this experience positively. If everyone was just like me, there won't be any traditions in practise! I've always watched in wander about the different cultures shown on those Travel and Living Channel shows. So why do I discriminate unfamiliar customs being practised in my hometown?

It is true what the great philosophers say. Lack of knowledge brings fear to people. My lack of social aptitude skills have made me judge these people unfairly. Now I'm ashamed of myself.


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