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Monday, December 03, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ever since Ipy was introduced to my family, and his intentions made known, my mother has been asking and requesting him for favours which are inappropriate to say the least. I am very uncomfortable with it, and often times, I've to step in like the bad guy in this whole picture to stop this nonsense.

Most of the time, these favours should be taken up by my first brother. Being the default crown prince of the household, favours like driving my mother to wherever, are his responsibilities. Besides, he's the one with the car in the family now!

This weekend, my second brother is getting engaged. Since my dad is no longer capable of representing our family, it falls on my first brother to take his place! Instead, my mother has asked an uncle to sit in. What? She has no other sons???

Even though I'm the eldest child, I'm female and a useless daughter. Despite living in the 21st century, I'm still living in a sexist society where our religious and social customs are rife with sexist practices. This will not change ever no matter how many women are supporting men in all aspects now.

So! The crown prince is out gallivanting on the streets with his souped up car. The throne is already vacant. Yet he sits on it only when he pleases. Even then, my mother dotes on him like a rare gold bar, further boosting his already inflated ego.

Is life fair? Never has it been fair since Adam and Eve were banished from the heavens.


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