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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 @ 12:47 am

Dear Blogger,

Even though I'm into healthcare, I'm really not into visiting patients at hospitals. Seeing big families gathering to meet the patients are at best, unnerving. I seem to lose my communication skills and confidence in situations like these. Let's face it! I'm not actually Miss Popular nor Miss Congeniality here.

Still, that (hopefully) won't stop me from pursuing healthcare as a career option. I don't understand why I can't fit in. It's not dealing with the patients that are difficult. It's dealing with their families and relatives that are stressful! I can't even deal with mine. So how in the world am I to deal with others???

By the way, a gentleman never, ever leaves a woman wandering about in the middle of the night all on her own. No matter what she says! Even if she insists on walking miles in solitude, a gentleman will walk one step behind her.

Maybe she's feeling angry. Maybe she's feeling sad. Maybe she's feeling vulnerable. Maybe she's feeling confused. Maybe she feels helpless, unwanted, unworthy of anything. Maybe she has lost herself. Maybe she has lost her faith. Maybe she has lost her meaning of life. So many maybes, but she can't find the answers.


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