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Saturday, November 17, 2007 @ 6:41 pm

Dear Blogger,

There were so many things I wanted to write about in the last few days, but I was either tired of going online or suffering from a writer's block. So, I'm going to do it with pictures.

I've taken up crochet again after many, many years. Most probably because I was sick of noticing the unused balls of yarns on my shelf. And why oh why did I buy green yarn??? What was I thinking???

A table runner completed in about 3 days. It looks thick because I had used an 8 ply yarn instead of the usual 2 or 4 ply. My coffee table is not red. That's my sofa. My coffee table is dark green marble. Go figure!

A one-handled string bag. Big enough to fit a purse, mobile phone, mp3 player, a packet of tissue, house keys, lipstick and compact powder. It was supposed to be the size of a shopping bag, but I ran out of yarn. Couldn't find the exact same ball of yarn anywhere.

I'm really disappointed with Spotlight. It's supposed to be Singapore's largest handicraft store. Yet, its selection of yarns is so limited! If Spotlight can't carry a decent selection of yarns, what about our neighbourhood craft stores???

Goofy-grinned Ipy, home from Australia. His flight landed at about 5 a.m., so we drove to Changi Beach to catch the sunrise. But it was blocked by the heavy clouds. Had some time afterwards to have a rare breakfast together before I went off to work.

Mama Koala and Baby Koala, imported all the way from Darwin

After work, I accompanied Ipy to his football friendly with his colleagues. I encouraged him in fact! He was finding all sorts of excuses to miss it! I was determined to whip him into an acceptable fitness-level shape, in time for his in-camp reservist a few weeks from now. So this was a good start!

It was lonely being the only female in a field full of guys. But it didn't matter. None of the boys came up to me to introduce himself. It was rude, but this was a company where testosterones and machismo ruled. So maybe they felt awkward having a pretty cheerleader around.

Ipy warming up to join the game. I was very proud of him. He played very well for his... err... girth.

The game in progress

It was only half-time and the all the players were already flat out! As soon as the whistle was blown, everyone whipped out his cigarettes. Gee... I wonder why they had a hard time breathing...

That wasn't the end of our day. It should have ended here actually, because the evening half of the day was excruciatingly painful to tolerate to say the least. Ipy had lent his car to his friend, who would be getting married this weekend. Naturally, the car had to be sent for a "makeover". Since I was the best man's girlfriend, I had to accompany him through that ordeal.

The bridal car after the makeover. Just these ribbons and flowers cost a few hundred dollars! I can't believe people would pay for these!

I couldn't even look at the car! Just the thought of anything related to a wedding would spiral me into an anxiety attack. I didn't want to be driven home in the car. Firstly, it was embarrassing. Secondly, it's a bloody bridal car!

I simply can't understand why our society has to indulge in extravagance when it comes to weddings. It's the irrational extravagance of weddings that makes me despise weddings so much! So much so that I don't even want to think of my own wedding! I don't want to talk about it either!

I will automatically go stiff and deaf when anyone talks about weddings. Then I'll start scratching my neck in agitation. Then I'll fidget about like a restless child, until I'm out into my own personal space. Weddings are like fires burning me alive.

So... I have to the weekend to myself again. Sad yes. Everybody wants a piece of my Ipy.


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