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Monday, November 26, 2007 @ 11:05 pm

Dear Blogger,

Looks like Ipy isn't really supportive of my choice to be a soccer mom. I couldn't blame him for not understanding. I didn't quite directly explained to him why I preferred that option. I couldn't even understand myself when I rationalised it to him! But I tried.

I guess I've to be a worker bee like everyone else. Sigh... I hate to work for money. Money isn't a strong enough justification for me to endure 8 - 9 hours of work daily, and not being able to be physically present for my kids in their growing years.

All these talks about finances are so distracting to the other beauties life has to offer. The old saying that money is the root of all evil is so true. Whatever it was, the conclusion seemed to be that childbearing would have to wait. Parenting won't be manageable until I'm well in my 30s and he'd be in his 40s.

That would have made me no better than any other adult who considered children as investments. Such a sad world we're living in when monetary value is attached to procreation.

To distract myself temporarily, I made this beanie for Ipy. It was my first try at crocheting a beanie and it fitted his big head quite comfortably. I did it in less than 4 hours. A sense of accomplishment in an otherwise straining day.

Striped crocheted beanie in shades of brown

Full beanie modelled by Ipy

Ipy wearing beanie folded at the the hem


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