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Saturday, November 10, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy is such a goofball! He's like this big, old baby! I'm not sure if it was because he's the only son in a group of sisters. I'm very sure it wasn't because of me. I don't mollycoddle him. That's as far as I know anyway. But, he's my goofy, big, old baby. I'd better stop with this mush before I throw up in the train. Told you! I'm ovulating!

Add that with the anger in me, and I over-eat or over-spend. I've just bought a pair of shoes. For work! It was an emergency purchase. It wasn't easy getting the right pair! I went from Tampines Mall to Century Square and finally to Eastpoint in Simei. I went up and down floors and in and out shops. My perseverance paid off when I found a pair that I kind of liked, and they were within my budget. Good ol' Bata... What would I do without you...

I've cut so much of my spending, yet, my savings have been stagnant for almost a year! I thought maybe my bills have increased, but they've been controlled for a long time now. Could it be my loans? It couldn't be since my repayments have been constant. So how come my savings haven't grown???

Then it hit me! Living expenses are much more expensive now! Public transport fares have increased. Food prices have increased. The only thing that hasn't increased is my salary! How in the world am I going to get married next year??? How am I going to get married at all?!

I don't know how this concern is related to the "dead rat" I've dreamed about last night. In my dream, when I came over Ipy's place, there was a dead rat hanging by its tail at his gate. He seemed oblivious about it as if a dead rat being hung at his doorstep was the most common sight in the world! I remembered feeling gross and disturbed by it though.

Googled its interpretation, and most sites defined it as a sign of a destructive, sick or untrustworthy situation. But it's a situation that's so old that it won't do me any harm! It's just that whatever this situation is, it's there, it's unpleasant and I've to remove it from my life, then move on!

I wonder what that situation is...


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