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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 @ 7:42 pm

Dear Blogger,

I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens this afternoon, even though the sun was shining too bright and the likelihood of rain looked minimal. I went in the afternoon because I couldn't decide between Pulau Ubin and the Botanic Gardens. By the time I had decided, it seemed too late to go over to another island.

I just needed to do something different that's all. I didn't want to rot at home, even though my crocheted table runner was almost completed. I didn't want to go shopping, because I would only receive my next wage in 2 weeks. The sun was out after so many days of rain, and my pale skin could do with a little tan. So, a walk around the Botanic Gardens seemed perfect. Besides, walking burns calories.

The grand main entrance to the Singapore Botanic Gardens via Tanglin Road

Pavilion at Swan Lake

The serene Swan Lake (couldn't help but thought of Tchaikovsky when I was here)

I've always wondered why there were only 2 swans here

"Swing Me Mama" sculpture at Swan Lake

Lush lawns for picture-perfect bridal photography (coincidentally, there was a bridal photography in progress! The bride posed on a swing while the groom pushed her. Cheesy I know!)

Refreshing retreat at the Ginger Garden's man-made waterfall

Tampines North Primary School students on an excursion at the botanic gardens

The tree-lined boulevard to the amphitheatre

Rainforest trek

The Heritage tree

A gazebo reminiscent of an F. Scott Fitzgerald era

I don't know what this is, but they're cute

The desert corner

The "Passing of Knowledge" sculpture

Bonsai plants (interestingly, there was a group of Japanese tourists hovering this bonsai exhibit)

A sun dial at the Sun Dial Garden (it looked and behaved more like a compass than a sun dial)

A water ball for fengshui

All in all, it was an interesting walk. I would love to just laze on the lawn with a picnic mat and basket packed with sandwiches and cool tea (chilled white wine would have been my first choice though) one day. It's a typical Caucasian thing to do I guess. I saw a couple of Caucasian families there picnicking with little toddlers in tow. They looked so adorable!

One day I guess...


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