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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

Dear Blogger,

I was out with a mission today. To find Sahibba. That Malaysian-produced Malay version of Scrabble. I was advised to try looking for it along Geylang Serai. I searched for it from Joo Chiat Complex to Tanjong Katong Complex and all the buildings in between. Can you believe that none of the retail establishments at this Malay society enclave has it?

Thanks to these superlight Adizero trainers, I was able to walk miles and miles today

I finally found one at where I had expected to find it. At the Popular bookstore in City Square JB. I first tried out the Plaza Kotaraya, but only one miserable bookstore has it. So I braved the heavily polluted streets of JB to get myself across to City Square.

Deepavali sales at JB

I haven't been here in quite awhile. I guess it was because I was always waiting hopelessly for Ipy to make himself available. I've forgotten how much time was wasted when I wait for someone to do something. Life's too short for all this waiting.

It must be unusual for many people to see a single woman traveling on her own. Mr Mohd Azhar from the Singapore Customs couldn't help but asked me if I was alone. I could be analytical and wonder if what he really meant to ask was if I was single and available, but I won't. I hoped I had made his day though.

His Malaysian counterpart, Mr Faizal, was puzzled too. He had to give me a double lookover to confirm that I was really the passport holder! Diet and exercise baby. Diet and exercise. I guess he needed the distraction.

What really interested me was seeing Malaysian school kids in Singapore school uniforms waiting for their school bus to send them home at the checkpoints. Not surprisingly, all of them were Chinese. Only Chinese parents have the foresight and determination to spare no expenses for their children's education.

But I pity these kids. They spend plenty of time traveling to and fro in between countries just to get an education. Too much time wasted on waiting when they could be playing. I hope they haven't lost too much of their childhood.

Well here I am at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf enjoying my afternoon with an Ice Blended Mango Creme, a slice of double fudge chocolate cake and plenty of ciggies. All this with a bossa nova remixed of popular songs playing in the background. I've gotten what I came here for, so here's my treat.

Half-eaten double fudge chocolate cake, Ice Blended Mango Creme and ciggies

Me looking so tired what with the rage bottled up in me for the last few days

As usual, my brief enjoyment of life had to come to an end as soon as I got home. My mom just had to ruin a very much sought-after day by telling me that I had to share my engagement day with my younger brother. Of course I bloody refused to!

It's supposed to be my bloody special day! Why couldn't he had waited like I had waited! Does it bring him much sadistic pleasure if he takes away his older sister's special moments??? So now the attention is no longer on the first-time bride. I'm the fucking selfish older sister now! Thank you oh family of mine! What fabulous joy you have brought me!

Let's not forget the icing on the cake. How can we all forget Ipy who is working so hard Down Under? He deserved a bit of spotlight here too! I hoped the reply I had emailed him wasn't too "expressive". Those were the most gracious words I could think of, especially at the state I was in.

I need to walk.


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