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Saturday, November 03, 2007 @ 7:40 pm

Dear Blogger,

I felt like hitting someone today. I really did! My rage was locked up inside me because I had no appropriate avenue to release it! So what did I do? I ate And ate. And ate. I've even finished a whole plate of rice! Do not mistaken that for a healthy appetite. That was just emotional eating in action. Then I forced myself to throw up.

Sorry? Sorry?! How many sorries do I have to hear for every broken promises he makes?! Sorry is just not good enough! It doesn't make his wrongs any right. I feel no better than a mistress now. At least when I was having an affair with a married man before, we had plenty of chances to be together.

So what if he had bought me a pair of Adidas trainers?! So what if he had ordered a new pair of eye glasses for me?! Was I supposed to consider those to be my compensation??? Might as well do a Robert Redford and offer me an indecent proposal!

He's invisible to me now. I won't hear him. I won't see him. I won't feel him. I won't even smell him! This is beyond upset already. I don't want to react this way, but he made me. I've warned him time and time again not to let it come to this level. Don't be surprised at what I'm going to do next.


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