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Sunday, November 04, 2007 @ 8:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

I confided in Din of my predicaments simply because he was the only one available and he knew my temperament better than anyone else. Yes, yes, yes. We're still in contact. Occasionally. Anyway, he asked me something that left me confounded.

He asked me what was it about Ipy that I was so crazy about? It took me a considerably long time to think of the answer. Finally, my answer came to be that there was nothing about him that I was crazy about! I know that seemed unbelievable. Why would I be this furious if I wasn't crazy in love with him right?

But I'm not in love with him! I care about him enough to love him but I'm not in love with him. Obviously it wasn't a love at first sight situation for me. He proposed and I said yes. Only because he was the first person to ask me that! That sounded so horribly mean but it was true! Back then anyway. Now... I don't know.

Perhaps the best way to describe him is that he "affects me on an emotional level". Is this sufficient foundation for a long-term marriage? You know and I know that it's bullshit if both of us believe so. Maybe I need a time out. Maybe I should date other guys and see what happens. Afterall, as the saying goes, "If you love her, set her free. If she comes back to you, then it's meant to be".

When I got home from work, I found out that my brother wants to get married too. I'm happy for him, but does he have to rain on my parade? This and next year was supposed to be my year! Oh wait a minute! If Ipy keeps up his disappearing act, I might not even get married! So not a problem then.


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