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Sunday, October 28, 2007 @ 1:52 am

Dear Blogger,

So... My first wedding invite in over a decade, and how did it go? I never made it. I did go all the way to Jurong West, but I never made it to the venue. I got lost. I have never liked the west side because it's too darn confusing. Jurong itself has 4 MRT stations! From Jurong East station to Boon Lay station!

After alighting at Lakeside station, I was supposed to board a bus and alight 2 or 3 bus stops away. And I did! Either the groom gave me the wrong address or I've simply lost my bearings in Jurong. I walked about following my instincts for about 20 minutes, on stilettoes no less!

Then, I gave up. I was starting to perspire and my instincts were not getting me any closer to the venue. I thought let's just forget it. I don't even know the couple that well! I had the feeling that the only reason I took my butt all the way to Jurong was because I was bored.

So I ended up at Tangs, where I spent about $40 on accessories while waiting for my girlfriend. I didn't even plan to shop! I was upset and not in control! The only way I could feel in control again was to spend money. It doesn't make any sense I know.

Things started out alright at MOS. I mean I was looking hot! Chit chat with some people in the club. Exchanged names but not numbers. Stuck with just the 2 free housepours that came with the cover charge. Until the club became too crowded to breathe.

I spent most of the time in the smoking room. It's the only place with seats! And I was still able to stretch out my legs there without tripping anyone. Other times, I was at the queue to the bar. Used the waiting time to chit chat with people. Talked to some good-looking rugby guys while waiting in the queue. They thought I was the friendliest local girl they've met because I chatted them up first.

It was Halloween in most of the clubs. Looking at half of the patrons in costumes made me envious. When someone asked me what was my costume, I said it's corporate culture. Too bad my phone's servicing. Otherwise I'd take a babelicious picture of myself.

I left at about 1 a.m. because the crowd was simply unbearable. Chit-chatted again with the cab driver all the way home just to entertain myself. I feel like I'm getting too old for this stuff. I don't seem to have the patience nor the stamina to party all night. I didn't even get to dance!

It wasn't that I didn't enjoy myself. I did! I really enjoyed talking to people! But funnily enough, I was always the one chatting people up first! Was I too friendly for a Singaporean? Is a simple "Hi" too difficult for most Singaporeans???

While discussing the virtues of racial segmentation in Singapore with the cabbie, I thought of what Ipy told me earlier on in the evening. He still hasn't got it! He kept thinking that I was upset with his job, but I wasn't! I was upset that he didn't make good of what he had told me he would do. And that was to return on the day he told me he was supposed to return!

He told me he'd return on Saturday, and yesterday was Saturday. So in my mind, I've already built expectations no thanks to him! By telling me such and such, it's as good as promising me such and such. I don't care if so and so didn't do a good job at managing people. It is his responsibility to fulfill that promise no matter what!

But don't come tell me at the end of the day that I've been warned beforehand about the uncertainties and unexpectedness of his job. You know darn well that your flight home was not confirmed yet. So don't bloody hell tell me in all assurances that you're coming back on Saturday!

This applies to everything else! If you tell me you want to do this and that by this day and that day, you had better do it! Otherwise, don't tell me about it! Don't build wasted expectations in my neurotic brain!


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