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Thursday, October 11, 2007 @ 10:34 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ramadan is coming to an end. Yet, once again, I don't feel the festiveness that others feel. Yes I sent out Hari Raya cards, but that didn't mean I'm getting all excited about celebrating it. It still is to me, an over-rated, over-commercialised public holiday.

Ipy thinks differently, but I don't expect him nor anyone to share my sentiment. It's about family togetherness for him, and I can respect that. Just don't suck me into it. I'm not in the mood for family-hood at the moment. Unlike everybody else, I'm not fooled or can tolerate the facade every household puts up in every festive occasion.

When have I become so against the "establishment"? I guess I must thank Din for breaking my already fragile heart many, many Hari Raya ago. I can still remember that Hari Raya morning as clear as day. The mind is an amazing work of art isn't it? No matter how much I tried to erase certain memories from my head, they come back to me more vividly than the last time I remember them!

I do miss him you know. Ipy not Din. Why the hell would I want to miss Din??? Let his wife waste her emotions on him! Anyway, I miss Ipy. I just can't express it to him. Not that I don't want to. I'm just unable to! It's ironic that I can be so fluent in writing, but when it comes to verbal mush, I'm speechless.


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