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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 @ 11:28 pm

Dear Blogger,

Phone banking services are supposed to be convenient and accessible 24/7. Yet, why are consumers often kept waiting by their phone for the "officers" to pick up our calls? Sometimes, I suspect that it isn't really the "high volume of calls" that is making us listen to the drab elevator music. I think it's either lack of manpower or all the "officers" are slacking on the job.

I was on the phone for an excruciating half an hour listening to an automated voice telling me that "all officers" are not available. Even though it's a toll-free number, I don't think that includes mobile airtime right? This was all because of an unexpected returned cheque.

How was I supposed to know that the bank decided to charge me for my annual card membership this month??? It could at least have reminded me about it so that I'll make sure I've sufficient funds in my account! Thank god I was able to get a waiver for the $40 service charge for what was the bank's mistake.

Earlier in the day, I was thinking of the plans Ipy and I had agreed upon for our wedding. I haven't really thought about it till then. It is going to be really quick and hassle-free, and it will be really small. I mean 200 guests small. For both bride and groom! Which is great!

What was not great was that I had forgotten how our Malay society functions. We could print 100 invites, but for sure my mom, my grandma, my aunts and all other female relatives will invite every Tom, Dick and Harry they think is worth inviting by word of mouth. So how do we make it strictly for 200 invitees only?

Our society here generally don't abide by the international etiquette of a party invite. If I had invited Ms X, for sure she'll come with Mr Y, without asking me first if that was alright. Worse, if I had invited Mr and Mrs X, they'll bring the whole clan!

Not being calculative here, but we have very limited resources! Short of eloping, I'm at a loss to how to manage the guest list. That is why I don't want to think about this wedding at all!


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