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Monday, October 22, 2007 @ 11:33 pm

Dear Blogger,

My north Indian lunch buffet was canceled because of a last minute work meeting. First, no fish head curry. Now, no north Indian buffet. And worse of all, my mobile phone had to be sent for servicing this morning. Its LCD screen went berserk on me. I won't be able to collect it till (hopefully!) 3 weeks later. What darn luck today!

I made the unfortunate choice of taking the train in the after-office hour peak rush. My new student lived in the north so I had to take the North-South bound train. Knowing the hell that this train could be during the peak hour rush, I took the trouble to take the train all the way from Marina Bay.

To cut the story short, somewhere past the Orchard station, a pregnant lady out of nowhere stood right in front of me! I only noticed her like 5 stations away. At first, I wanted to offer my seat to her, but I just sat there.

Forgive me for being a bitch, but if she had wanted a seat, she should have done what I did; take the train from Marina Bay! I admit that I wasn't being gracious. I was in a foul mood! I was exhausted! And being pregnant doesn't give anyone an automatic right to a seat.


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