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Saturday, October 13, 2007 @ 8:37 pm

Dear Blogger,

Just like a scene from the movies, I ran up to him as soon as he passed the glass doors of the arrival lounge. We hugged each other for what seemed like an eternity. It felt so good to be in the arms of my "koala bear" again.

He didn't expect me to be at the airport. He wasn't even supposed to be home till next week! He messaged me at 2 in the morning that he's flying home at that moment. I told him if he insisted on coming home for just a "couple of days" and fly off again, I would refuse to acknowledge his presence. I guess I'm just a big mush after all.

After breaking the last fast of the year, we met up for a little last minute Hari Raya shopping. He wanted to shop. I already have what I needed, except for a clutch bag which I've been eyeing at Tangs since last week.

You should see it! It's so cute and glam at the same time! I've never carried a bag this small before, but a clutch seemed so appropriate now. Best of all, Ipy bought it for me! It wasn't that expensive, so I didn't feel bad about him buying it for me.

We headed out to Geylang Serai after that. I was quite hesitant at first, knowing how crowded it could be. But the thought of him wanting to buy a complete set of baju kurung Melayu just to match my baju was too good to miss. It was amusing but endearing.

I think he was more excited about it than I was! He's really into this couplehood stuff! I've never dated a guy who bothers to wear a songkok and kain samping on Hari Raya before! So I'm quite curious to see him in his full regalia tomorrow.

Ipy pleased with his purchases

My "koala bear" and I along the busy streets of Geylang Serai

As usual, I won't be joining the crowds out gallivanting on the streets, decked out in their baju Melayu glory. I'll be working, and in a way, I prefer to do so. Internally, I'm celebrating the victory of fasting for a whole month. Externally, I chose to be indifferent about it.


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