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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

Dear Blogger,

It was another waiting day at the specialist clinic in CGH. I'm awfully testy today because I hate to wait unnecessarily and I missed last month's period. More than that, I'm getting impatient with my siblings' lack of physical support towards my dad's rehabilitation.

I told my mom last night that next year, I won't be around to help my dad, especially with his clinical sessions. Her response was simply not to go to these sessions. What??? Has she forgotten that she has 4 other children?

Please don't she dare give work as an excuse! I have BOTH work and school. And soon, I'll have a husband and our own family pad! Not once have I complained till now! Did she expect me to forever be around to do this???

It would be nice to just wash my hands off this, but what kind of daughter will I be right? Nevertheless, her dependence on me has to stop! She has 4 other grown-up children for god's sake!

Back to healthcare administration. Will someone shed an ounce of light on what's the point of setting up an appointment when you're still given a queue number? Seriously! It might as well revert to a first-come-first-serve system! The waiting time will still be the same!


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