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Monday, October 01, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

Dear Blogger,

In many cultures, the older generation seems to think that they know it all. Which is not false to say. Their experience is invaluable. But when it comes to health, it annoys me a great deal that some seniors think that they know better than the clinical specialists!

A lot of times people don't get better not because of clinical malpractice, but because many relatives interfere with the recovery process! Not to say that doctors are always right. But it's their job to know what they're doing!

Let's look at the simple case of fever. My aunts and uncles and even my mom would wrap a fever patient with blankets to "sweat" out the fever. I didn't go to medical school but aren't we supposed to bring down the temperature instead of increasing it even more?

My mom's still harping about Daddy's amputation. She still believed that the amputation was unnecessary. Simply because that was the advice given by her brothers and sisters. Hello! The guy had a serious thrombosis on his left leg! The surgeon couldn't even do a bypass surgery anymore!

Yes sure it's awfully depressing to lose a limb, but saving it at the expense of aggravating the condition? It just doesn't make any sense! Sometimes I wish all these old wives' tales would just disappear from the face of the earth.

Anyway, I drove my mom and grandmother to SGH to visit my younger uncle. He had a tumour removed from his stomach and was put on observation for suspected cancer. Here I was trying to get some information from the patient himself, and here was my mom interrupting the conversation like she knew everything. Mother or no mother, firstly, it's rude to interrupt when someone is talking and secondly, I asked the patient, not her.


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