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Tuesday, October 30, 2007 @ 3:08 pm

Dear Blogger,

I was supposed to catch a concert at Esplanade, but I was late. I had mistimed my chores and even now, I've just realised that I've forgotten certain things. Age is sure catching up on me. Been forgetting things lately. This despite noting them down in my to-do list!

All dressed for a lunch concert and shopping

Anyway, not to let it ruin my day, I went straight to shopping at Orchard Road. I already knew what I wanted to get so it was really fast. I wanted to buy a present for the birthday boy next week. It wasn't that expensive (based on what he's used to spending!) or fantastic but it's practical. We had looked at it before. So I hope he likes it and uses it!

I decided to end my shopping right after I've purchased the birthday present. I could go on because I still have some shopping budget left. But I thought, anything can happen till my next pay day. I could even be broke! God forbid!

Sometimes the thought of having an unlimited spending power has crossed my mind. Then again, what will I do with that power? I can't just keep on spending can I? That will just be boring. So I thought maybe having limited resources does have more good than bad. It teaches us valuable skills like effective decision-making and prioritisation.

Case study: 2 pairs of stilettos. One red and the other black. Both look damn good on my feet and I look super hot in them. But I can only buy 1 pair! Which one will it be? See how we develop our decision-making skills here?


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