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Friday, October 19, 2007 @ 10:08 pm

Dear Blogger,

I think more and more Singaporeans have forgotten what basic manners are, and that's sad. When you're going to be late, please let the person who's waiting for you know that you will be late and by how long. Being late itself is rude! Then apologise!

When you're going to cancel an appointment, a simple phone call in advance won't kill you either. So why do some people think that it's alright to make others wait hours for them and then without any apologies, just call the damn thing off??? Don't these people feel any shame?

You can't help but wonder if these people were brought up well. I don't wish to blame their parents but you can't help thinking can you? They have to learn ill-manners from someone. And we haven't even gone into Miss Etiquette manners yet!


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