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Friday, October 05, 2007 @ 6:20 pm

Dear Blogger,

I came across one of my paternal aunts on the way home. In a rare move, I called out her name. She couldn't recognise me. Granted that when it comes to the extended family, I'm super low profile. Still, she said she couldn't recognise me because I've lost too much weight. Was I really that fat before???

Anyway, we exchanged idle greetings and blah blah blah. I'm no longer surprised by the look on my relatives' face when I tell them I'm still schooling. Slightly annoyed yes, but no longer surprised. It's even amusing how she became concerned about my lack of income, especially my CPF contribution.

I don't see how that's any of her business. Since I'm older, wiser and thus, more mature, I let her ramble on and on about why women need to be financially independent and why men cannot be trusted. She's giving me advice on men? And financial independence? Err... Thank you?

I make no secret that I've no love loss for any of my relatives, especially my paternal ones. To me, they're relatives by name only. None has given any influence, let alone interest, in my growing up years. Oh wait! That's not true. They're only interested whenever I fall!

What did she get for her PSLE? How many As did she get for her 'O' Levels? Where does she work? She's getting how much??? She bought a car???

Soon the questions will be like these: What does her husband do? Her husband earns how much??? Her husbands drives a what???

Genuine interests indeed. Must-know questions to get their children top whatever I've done or have. There's healthy competition and then there's green-eyed monsters, like my relatives.

It's not just me. My brothers get it too! Unlike my sister who is still too young to retaliate wisely, my brothers and I have grown to ignore them. Sometimes a person's success will speak for itself without having the person crowing about it.

Me channeling Jack Sparrow to work today

The photo was taken in my bedroom/study/office. Notice the noticeboards, books, stationeries and Wentworth Miller. Somewhere among the notices is a tiny photo sticker of Ipy and me. It looks messy for a super neat freak like me, but my bedroom is really a neat, little enclave! Just ignore the books on the shelves, floor and the bed.


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