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Saturday, October 20, 2007 @ 6:03 pm

Dear Blogger,

I am so craving for fish head curry, but Ipy can't stand Indian food when he's here. I can understand that when curry and its kind are staple foods of India. Oh the misery of having to eat curry day in day out!

I don't particularly like nasi lemak either, but I'd still sit with him at the dining table whenever he craves for it. If need be, I'd have it too. I do eat my mom's nasi lemak, but that's because she makes sambal sotong instead of the dry, thick sambal the stalls use.

My point was, there will definitely be some things which we don't particularly share fondness of. But that doesn't mean that each of us can't accommodate each other's differences. I love Indian food! Unfortunately, because of his work, he's sick of Indian food. So once in a blue moon, can't he indulge me in my cravings? I'd do the same for his nasi lemak.

Hopefully I'd get to satiate my fish head curry craving on Monday. Have planned to eat it with my colleagues. Hopefully.


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