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Saturday, October 06, 2007 @ 10:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

Helping someone in need really does cleanse the soul. Even more so when the recipient acknowledges and appreciates the help you've given. All I did today was helped a paraplegic with the lift at the train station. A gesture which did not need any effort at all. And I felt good! In the lift, we asked how each other's day was, and that made me feel even better! Often times, we forget that the less physically-abled are people too.

As we grow older, we often get consumed with our daily personal problems that we forget to celebrate our blessings and capabilities. I know I'm guilty of it because I have my blogs to remind me of my whining. What has happened to us? Perhaps we grew up too fast. Perhaps we are changing too fast. All for the sake of survival.

Feeling a little better, I indulged in a little shopping. I "needed" a new blazer and long pants. After browsing and trying on different outfits for almost 2 hours, I got what I wanted. Then I treated myself to an Ultimate Mocha (a small one of course) and a serving of Caesar salad (which I so love because of the generous cheddar toppings).

Then I felt bad with all that indulgence. Kept regretting spending all that money and do you know how much calories are in mocha and Caesar dressing??? Considering that the salad was my only meal since breakfast, I was still punishing myself for eating it! I'm just too hard on myself.


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