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Thursday, September 20, 2007 @ 11:21 pm

Dear Blogger,

My God! It has only been a week of fasting but it felt like it was going to end soon! Not that it has been bad. Just... slow. I'm running out of things to do. So that lengthens the day. Something which I don't want to do. The faster it ends, the better.

I'm at my lightest since 2004. Is that why I've been feeling lethargic lately? No I don't think so. It's those late nights with Ipy. Just 3 nights out with him and I'm drained. I don't dare imagine what a lifetime with him would do to my energy level.

I'm getting boring aren't I? I do believe so. My life's getting too monotonous. I seemed to have forgotten what my life was like before this. I sort of remembered that it was mostly booze, ciggies and heartaches. Who wants all that right? But I've to admit that the roller-coaster ride was much more exciting than this merry-go-round.


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