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Sunday, September 16, 2007 @ 11:33 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy and I had dinner with a friend from London at a North Indian restaurant in Riverwalk. I've not met him since he was last here in 2001. Back then, he was a swinging single. Now, he brought his wife. almost-2-year-old son and father-in-law with him. Boy has he aged! I don't remember seeing that many grey hairs on his head the last time. He blamed it on marriage. Jokingly of course!

After about 6 years, there were plenty of things to catch up. But I let the conversation be about their stay in Singapore, and their trip to Malaysia. And about London of course! It's much more interesting to hear about them than about my boring life here. How I long to visit London!

What was really nice though was how Ipy had put in effort to socialise with my friends. Even though he was dressed casually in an ironed shirt and jeans, it was still different from his usual t-shirt and bermudas. He had also joined in the conversation without any prompting. He even foot the bill! Oh gosh! He shouldn't have. They were my guests after all!

But what really made my heart melt was the look on his face when he tried to entertain my friend's young prince. There was no look of awkwardness or disgust. Just a tinge of longing I guess. Or I could have just misinterpreted his goofy look.

Anyway, it was never difficult to win me over. It's always about the little things that were done. So I don't know why guys think I'm so difficult to be with. Oh well... it's their loss.


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