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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 @ 11:38 pm

Dear Blogger,

I think Ipy and I are not beach people. That's because whenever we wanted to go to the beach in broad daylight, it rains. If even after it stops raining, there will always be some disturbances. Like some unauthorised company telematches.

I won't mind if these people took a portion of the beach for whatever mind-wasting activities they had planned for. But if they took the whole stretch of the beach and left nothing for us entrance fees-paying beach-goers, they had better had the courtesy to inform us of the beach's closure.

Firstly, their group activities were unauthorised. How did I know it was unauthorised? There were no Sentosa staff present to supervise and there were no banners nor signages that usually come with these sort of activities.

Secondly, they never set any boundaries. A responsible facilitator would set clear boundaries to warn the public to pick a spot far, far away from them. Thirdly, they stepped into OUR boundaries by running a few centimetres past us. Thus, kicking sand to my face!

Lastly, they were disturbing the peace. Our sea breeze-assisted slumber was rudely awakened by their stampede-like chants that we got up suddenly thinking a bomb had exploded or a tsunami was about to swallow us!

It really pissed me off that I complained to Sentosa. 15 minutes later, the Beach Patrol and a Sentosa officer came by and stopped the activities. I'm probably being cursed still by the group even as I'm writing this. I'm a bitch! So what???


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