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Friday, August 24, 2007 @ 11:49 pm

Dear Blogger,

I must be the only Singaporean Malay girl who doesn't want a wedding. I can't bloody do weddings! Just looking at this wedding stuff makes me sick to the core! I tried and tried to keep an open mind. I guess I tried so hard that I've forgotten to breathe.

When I finally remembered to breathe, I hyperventilated. Worse, I cried at the shoddy staircase and ruined my mascara! I must be the only idiot who cries just looking at some wedding show. Ipy was not even with me. He was out playing badminton somewhere. Couldn't possibly interrupt him could I?

I can't do this. In all my life, I have never imagined myself in a wedding. Never! I have imagined myself married but never in a wedding! I can't remember why I dislike weddings so much till they bother me like this. I've this urge to just cancel this whole thing.


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