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Sunday, August 19, 2007 @ 11:59 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ever since I've returned from Fraser's Hill, my diet has gone south. I'm eating more than I should and my exercise routine is almost non-existent. Somehow, I've got to get myself back on the diet and exercise track!

What's good though is that I've cut down on smoking. This is simply to get my reproduction system fit for the wonderful world of mommyhood. I'm serious this time! Ipy wants to be a daddy too but he sure has a lot of things to do to catch up with me. Like losing weight!

I could see that Ipy's making an effort to reduce smoking though and I'm proud of him! As a fellow smoker, it would be unreasonable of me to demand that he quit smoking entirely. Of course, it would be entirely ridiculous of me to force him to do anything. I'm not that mean!

We went to the India Expo at the Singapore Expo. Ipy wanted to check out the Indian herbal remedies. Since it was already the last day, some of the booths were already deserted. But that didn't stop the hundreds of visitors getting through the front door.

Ipy and me flanked by Indian visitors and booths at the India Expo

The first thing that struck me was how much the Indians love gold. I'm not a big fan of yellow gold. I'm a white gold, platinum and diamonds girl. The second thing was, the Indians sure love their food. The necessary Komala Vilas and Apollo Banana Leaf restaurateurs were present to feed the hungry visitors.

Ipy didn't really want to have any because he was sick of Indian food what with his India-based work and all. I, on the other hand, love thosei and fish-head curry. Not healthy stuff but I wouldn't give up these spicy, comfort food for the world!

Ipy and me at the Singapore Expo

We had dinner at Bali Thai restaurant at Tampines Mall. As much as I love Tampines, its centrally-located Tampines Mall is sometimes a pain in my big, white butt! From Monday to Sunday, it's always crowded! And Tampinesians sure love to eat!

I was too hungry to be picky about what I want, so Ipy decided on Bali Thai. Unfortunately, there was no more Assam Pedas Kepala Ikan, so we settled for the seafood Tom Yam. I needed vegetables in my meals, so I ordered the Green Mango Salad. Ipy ordered the Stir-Fried Kang Kong. The fragrant white rice was free-flow, but I could only managed two scoops, which was already more than what I was used to.

The meal must have been really good because by the time we made to our seats to catch "Bourne Ultimatum", my eyes were already heavy. I didn't catch "Bourne Identity" and "Bourne Supreme", so this last installment of the Bourne movies didn't really interest me as much.

What kept me awake were the fight scenes. They were quick, deadly and awfully headache-inducing. I think that was the aim of the cinematographer. I tried to catch up with the plot as much as possible, but if you didn't watch its first two movies, it's really hard to understand who's who and what's what.

We had coffee and cake at McCafe for no other reason except that I didn't have any coffee today. I told you I'm eating more than usual! By the time I hit my bed, I was already sound asleep. You see, sleeping comes easy for me when I'm fully satiated and exhausted.


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