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Saturday, August 25, 2007 @ 10:47 pm

Dear Blogger,

After sleeping over yesterday's fiasco, I woke up feeling so much loved. Ipy and I had talked about it and he was supportive of how I want these "proceedings" to go. He'd even talk to my mom about it! Be prepared for a battle between the old and new generations.

Yes I want to be a queen for the day but why just for THAT day? And if I'm queen, why can't I do it my way? It's selfish but I'll be happier. Ipy didn't want the norm either. He's delighted at my simplicity! Yet, he's worried about the complications of doing it my way.

Perhaps it's time to get distracted. Hopefully school starts soon. As much I hated school, it's a welcome distraction at the moment. But all that loving feeling was in the morning. Come night, my mood flared up again.

All I wanted was to be with friends while he's out doing his stuff. I've actually designated Saturdays to be his boys' day out, which is healthy for our relationship. Of course me being the way I am, I don't have a girls' day out. Simply because most of my friends are guys.

Anyway, since my friends are his friends, I'm now no longer an individual person. I'm now HIS girl! So basically I can't ask them out without them asking what Ipy wants to do. Bullshit! Situations may have changed but I've not changed!

I would STILL like to chill with my friends you know! I CAN live without Ipy by my side too you know! I guess I've no more friends.


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