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Sunday, July 15, 2007 @ 11:09 pm

Dear Blogger,

Went to watch "Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix" at the Grand Cathay. Ipy and I were punctual, but because the tickets were with me, we had to wait for two of our friends. 5:15 p.m... not here yet. 5:30 p.m... the movie was supposed to start already, but it's alright. Movies never start on time anyway. 5:45 p.m... they're still not here!

Because of some people's tardiness, I missed the crucial first few scenes where Harry was attacked by the Dementors. Ipy had never read the Harry Porter books or watched the movies, so he didn't really know what he had missed.

When these people finally arrived, they were not just very late, they were awfully noisy too! Some people have no manners at all! I was clearly upset and I made damn sure they knew I was upset! If you're late, you're late. Nothing much I can do. But if you don't even apologise about it, nor be gracious about it, then that's really shitty.

Afterwards, during dinner, one of them has to rile me even more. Honestly, he has been behaving like a prick ever since we came back from KL. If he wasn't giving me the cold-shoulder, he was defensive. The other guys kept telling me that he liked me, but how the hell was I to know that when he didn't even make his move???

What's worse, I'm now happily attached to his friend of over 10 bloody years and yet Ipy's getting the cold-shoulder too! This is coming from a guy who's in his late 30s. I can try to understand old school rules shit but this is ridiculous! He had better see sense soon. Otherwise, he'd lose our friendship. And that's a tragedy.


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