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Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 7:03 pm

Dear Blogger,

Once again, it's Sunday. The last Sunday of July. And soon, Ipy will be home. For a brief period only. Then, he'll be off to a far, far away land again. At least, he'll be home soon. See how forced my optimism is? At my age, better optimism than pessimism, forced as it may be.

Time flies so fast doesn't it? Especially when you're older. I've been thinking what I have done so far this year. What were my achievements? What were my failures? I won't dwell on my failures too much though. What's the point right?

Let's see... I've managed to lose a lot of weight AND maintained a consistent weight loss successfully. Thinking of it, I guess I have to thank the actions of Sentosa boy for being the catalyst to this weight loss "miracle". Who needs slimming centres when there's misery?

Surprisingly, I seemed to be genuinely smiling and laughing more this year than in previous years. I mean, it seems that I am enjoying life more than suffering from it. I guess persevering and taking life by the balls have paid off huh? Either that or my run of bad luck is coming to an end. Thank god if it is so! I welcome good fortune with wide open arms!

Funny girl talk at work today. One of the girls said that now that I'm "unavailable", I look much, much "hotter" and "desirable" than before. Strange isn't it? Suddenly I've become forbidden fruit? Is that why some of the male staff are making small conversations with me now when before, we'd pass one another with barely a "Hi" greeting? Is that also why some of the guys I used to hang out with are avoiding me?

Me? Desirable? More sugar than spice don't you think?

And here I thought I have insecurities. Geez! Oh! A friend of mine from the Singapore Planned Parenthood Association, Vijayan, will be discussing about teenage sex on 93.8 Live tomorrow morning, 8.15 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. I do miss those advocacy days. Who is best to relate to youth about sexuality than me right? Pre-marital sex? Been there. Abortion? Been there. Relationship issues? Been there and is still going through it.

As always, I'm pro-choice. If you choose to indulge in sex before marriage, just make sure that it's really YOUR choice and be responsible for that choice. Likewise for an abortion or all these other issues that seem to bug our faux-conservative society.

Perhaps the next awareness campaign should be to get guys to buy condoms! I seriously don't understand what's so "embarrassing" about buying condoms off the shelves. Everyone knows you're going to have sex anyway. Won't it be better that everyone knows you're doing it SAFELY? It's really a turn off to meet guys who get me to buy condoms for them. Worse, when they ASK me for my condoms!


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